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Amada Machine Tools is comprised of a team of specialists in the following categories.

There is an immense demand for evaluation and honest reviews of both residential and large commercial machine tools, as an example lathes, more recently. We have experimented with dozens of different type of machine tools, and for example, with regards to lathe machine tools, we cover turret lathes (High performance and economical, these automated lathes are quick to change over for job shops. Available in single and twin spindle models with live tooling.) and gang type lathes (High-efficiency machines with a flexible tool layout and few moving parts make these types of lathes the ideal production machines. Their low center of gravity and low thermal displacement offer both rigidity and precision capability.).


This section covers power tools! We closely examine and review saws, such as: Pulse Cutting Band Saws, we cover the latest innovation in metal sawing which remarkably increases productivity as well as air tools including compressors. Our team has several carpenters who specialize in Horizontal Metal Cutting Band Saws, which includes: machines sized from small to large including Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic as well as Vertical Band Saws and Plate Saws which are the solution for speedy cutting of large sized block materials. Finally, we have a resident expert who primarily uses circular saws which are designed for accurate cuts at a higher cutting rate, this blade features the highest quality sawing grade of carbide.


These guides and product reviews cover everything you would need to know about garden and landscaping tools. We wouldn’t be a comprehensive review entity if we didn’t take a close look at Grinders and Sanders! We like to consider ourselves a world leader in evaluating in this type of equipment, including optical grinding, micro grinding, sander, mini sander, portable sanders, and heavy duty sanders. We have unique opportunity of closely examining high caliber grinders which offer: high speed stroking, multiple part capability and onboard probing for part inspection, automatic wheel dressing and compensation standard as well as surface grinders which generally offer these characteristics: extremely accurate and rigid with a low center of gravity make them ideal for demanding grinding applications, and we also review high-efficiency rotary type grinders.


We make our carpenters proud by being objective and completely unbiased in all sections of our publications. Our carpenters contribute to our woodworking tools and mill/turn center of excellence. We are capable and trained at using all of the equipment evaluated here, including household items, all types of painting tools, and even laser measurement tools. We like to use guidance across multiple dimensions such as: quality of build, material of build, design expertise, compatibility with other similar devices/tools/accessories, and price/affordability. The next large category we evaluate are: Blades and Hand Tools, where we review the new designs from dozens of manufacturers and evaluate them across hundreds of variables, such as shapes, sizes, adhesion, coating of the blades, cutting depth and cutting quality on hard to cut materials. We review some blades which are applicable to all types of steel, such as one that uses an M42 cobalt high-speed steel which has high wear resistance. Lastly, we cover accessories that all construction professionals need in their toolbox!